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"Amelo - Making Networks Better"

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Amelo provides you comprehensive Information
Technology Services.


Computer Service, Repairs and Upgrades
We service, repair and upgrade computers and peripherals. We resolve problems with workstations, servers, desktops and laptops. Bring in your DELL, IBM, HP, SONY PC, clones, white and black boxes as a stand-alone or part of a network. More information


Network Design, Installation and Maintenance
Let us design, implement and support your network to share your broadband connection if it is T1, Cable or DSL. We install, configure and monitor Network devices including; Firewall, Router, Cisco switches and Wireless Access Points. More information


Website Design, Development and E-Commerce
We design Websites for contractors, small to midsize businesses, and international corporations. Your business needs a web presence and we help by providing full service,  from a single page to a robust and effective E-commerce site. More Information


Wireless Network for your Business and Home
We encourage ubiquitous computing by installing a secure wireless network for your business and home use. You are no longer tied to a location; you are free! We will implement a Firewalled 802.11 solution at your business or home.
More Information


Security for PC, Network and Internet Access
We secure your Information Technology infrastructure from malicious intent. By implementing a reliable physical security, regular audits, intellectual property protection, intrusion detection and regular monitoring systems.
More information


Custom Computer Training
With our Personal, Private and Professional (PPP) Information Technology training, we will train you and your staff on an application of your choice, at your desired location and convenience through our certified instructors. More information


PC Loan

 Laptop, Workstation....
When your PC or peripheral fails, we loan out a PC or peripheral to you minimizing downtime till your system is restored
Learn more...

PC Maintenance

Tips to help you do Regular Health check on your PC and other maintenance
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Virus Update

Check for the latest virus update and protect your PC
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Choose Amelo

Our Engineers combine their years on the field to resolve your PC problem
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We support a wide range of technologies
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