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"Amelo - Making Networks Better"

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ABOUT US – Amelo Inc

  From the word Ameliorate. A*mel"io*rate\, --- v. t. L. ad + To make better; to improve; to meliorate. To grow better; v 1: to make better in quality or more valuable; v 2: get better. --- Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1998  

Our Networking Solutions


Design, Integration, Maintenance & Support
You probably have a health insurance, fire insurance, auto insurance and life insurance for yourself and the important people in your life. Your precious PC and the invaluable information on it require a reliable plan to avoid catastrophic failure, to recover swiftly and to maintain continuity. Amelo Inc is the solution you need.


What we do
Amelo Inc, an IT consulting group, designs, integrates and maintains new or existing Computer networks. Our firm is a full-service, IT outsourcing company. We can be described as an Information Technology department. We solve IT problems for Small to Medium sized businesses with highly professional and certified Engineers.
Amelo Inc was borne out of the prevalent need to support organizations that cannot sustain an Information Technology Department and cannot retain a Network Engineer. We provide these corporations expert level recommendations and service so that they can operate efficiently utilizing state of the art technology. Included are small to mid sized businesses, Medical Offices, Law Offices, Non-Profit organizations and Churches.
Our clients find that, when planning a new network service or custom software upgrade, they are faced with a myriad of new technologies and competing interests. Our track record and experienced Engineers enable us to select the best technology, given our client's budget, and to develop an detailed proposal outlining our plan, and the choices available, based on the several years of our collective experience.
Our Engineers effectively and securely links our client's employees, customers and suppliers to important information, when and where they need it. Amelo Inc has successfully implemented many networking projects, from the simple to the complex. Our client's trust is paramount to our continued success and, for several years, Amelo Inc has achieved that trust through technical excellence, hard work and dedication to our clients.
We will recommend white boxes, black boxes, refurbished equipment or any type of clones. We will recommend high quality branded products from internationally reputable manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Sony, Cisco, APC, Symantec, Microsoft, Veritas, Belkin, Intuit...When it comes to your hardware and software, we propose reliable products that last.
We have been successful in retaining our wonderful clients due to the professionalism of our service, our expertise, our commitment to meeting their needs, the trust they have come to have in us and the return they have had on their investments. The customer is always right; we will listen to you and work to serve you in a timely manner.
We ensure that you get the best performance for the lowest total cost of ownership. We pull out the best possible performance and value from of your network and applications
Support throughout the project's lifecycle, from initial planning and implementation through ongoing management and technology enhancements
Flexibility to match each enterprise's unique needs, and adapt to rapidly changing realities
High-level service and expertise to deal with the increasing complexity and interdependence that characterizes today's networks.
Experience defining the technology required to achieve business goals and objectives
In Amelo Inc offers a complete lifecycle collection of implementation, maintenance and advanced services aimed at maximizing your networking investment.
We offer professional and flexible IT Training at a location of your choosing.
Amelo Inc’s professional IT services will enhance your business productivity and reduce your business risk. Our seasoned engineers provide an IT knowledge base and resource for our client's executives & business owners.


Target Customers:
IT services & solutions for small to medium business enterprises.
IT services for Non-Profits and Churches
IT services for Home offices
IT services for Individuals and Independents


Amelo Inc Multi-Platform Capabilities
Our Engineers will design and provide solutions to simple and complex enterprise network problems in a multi-platform/ multi-protocol/ multi-client internetwork environment. We will Analyze and incorporate in an existing heterogeneous network effective cutting edge technologies in Voice-Data-Video convergence, VoIP, VPN, Security, Routing, WAN/MAN/LAN/VLAN Networks, Wireless, SAN and Disaster recovery. We will contribute to the architecture requirements of a dynamic distributed network and resolve challenges due to change implementation and operational tasks.


Amelo Inc Network Design Methodologies
Our comprehensive network design process provides unsurpassed reliability, scalability and mobility. Our design capitalizes on our multi-platform capabilities and offers the best of emerging, yet proven, technologies to help our clients’ gain the competitive edge with their IT systems.


Amelo Inc Networking Services
§ Security Solutions
§ Firewall Solutions
§ Wireless Solutions
§ Anti-virus Solutions
§ Disaster Recovery Plans
§ Terminal Server Integration
§ Internet Filtering/Monitoring
§ Remote Connectivity Integration
§ Comprehensive Security Solutions
§ Backup and Recovery Implementation
§ IT Training


Amelo Inc Networking Services
§ Security Solutions
§ Firewall Solutions
§ Wireless Solutions
§ Anti-virus Solutions
§ Disaster Recovery Plans
§ Terminal Server Integration
§ Internet Filtering/Monitoring
§ Remote Connectivity Integration
§ Comprehensive Security Solutions
§ Backup and Recovery Implementation
§ IT Training

Executive Management:  
Dipe Oresanya President

Our Mission
To deliver high quality, affordable and reliable IT services, on budget and on time, to great clients.

  Our Values
§ Great People with Great Values
§ Fostering leadership and innovation
§ Stressing teamwork as a firm value
§ Providing continuous learning opportunities and access to knowledge
§ Listening and responding to our people's ideas and concerns
§ Developing lifelong relationships with our people
§ Ensuring In Amelo Inc is an enjoyable place to work
§ Delivering on our mission requires great people who are bright, creative and energetic.
§ Integrity and honesty
§ Passion for customers, partners, and technology
§ Open and respectful with others and dedicated to making them better
§ Willingness to take on big challenges and see them through
§ Self critical, questioning and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement
§ Accountable for commitments, results, quality to customers, shareholders, partners and employees

Contact Amelo Inc

Address - 7630 Pinecrest Lane Glenwillow OH 44139
Phone - 216-533-6699
Fax - 216-274-9706
E-mail -
Thank You for choosing Amelo Inc

For a more detailed response from our team, please click here for our contact form, it will help us to evaluate your company's specific needs and requirements.


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