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"Amelo - Making Networks Better"

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The most effective and responsive support service for Churches


Professional IT Service
We provide you first class IT service at a price that you can afford and at the time you need it. Our extensive experience in the needs of a Church and Non-Profit gives us an excellent appreciation of the challenges you valuable  face. We will turnaround your operation so that you can get more work done positively affecting the lives of people; leave the Technology to us so that you can focus on what you do best by impacting lives.
Private, Personal, Professional IT Services by Certified & Experienced Engineers


Our Instructors will adapt to your learning style and give you a clear and effective approach to the basics of computer use. The language considers the beginner. Concepts and procedures are presented in a logical, simple manner. The techniques used by our experienced Instructors will enable you to improve your hands-on use of the computer to improve your efficiency.


Accounts and Finances
We will evaluate your recommend an accounting solution that saves you tremendous amount of money and time. It will be suitable for your current state with adequate provision for expected growth.


Communication and Collaboration
Processes that we will put in place will greatly improve your internal staff communication and collaboration. It will bring you closer to your congregation and make you more accessible to them. This will close the information gap. Create Online Communities that will enable Youths and Church Members to communicate and interact with each other. IP Telephony system geared for small organizations that let you communicate anywhere for a fraction of typical cost.


Document Management
Documentation system will be put in place to enable a well organized and easily retrievable access to old and new documents. With an organization like yours that turns out a large number of printed documents, a reliable archiving process is essential.


Church IT Services


Good understanding is aided by a good presentation. With the several meetings that go on in your organization, we can help create a system and environment that maximizes the benefits of Information Technology in aiding quick understanding.


Printing and Publication
Churches churn out volumes of printed material from program handbills, service bulletins to concert posters. We recommend durable printing hardware and publishing software that gets the job done in true colors while saving on maintenance costs


Program and Events
Use to Information Technology to co-ordinate your programs and events, get more done with less. You will be amazed at how easy it is to plan and execute a Church program through the use of Information Technology at every point of the program life cycle. 


Let your website be your window to the world, reach your congregation and members through a dynamic and rich site. Your website is an Online church, old and new messages can be viewed.


Church Office Administration
With a properly networked Church office, paper is reduced; information is readily available and easily accessible. Staff productivity is remarkably improved and work is done more efficiently. We will provide you a solution that makes you accomplish more. We review all your Church Office processes and computerize them.


Church Management System
Church Management Application that will cater for you your typical concerns and help you build your Church. Software is changing the way Churches are managed. We will help match your sophisticated needs of with the right application to keep track of more than just names, addresses, phone number, talents, interests, attendance, contributions, family relationships and more.


Internet Options
Train you to get the best resources from the Internet. Better searches, Sermon aids and other materials that can help you do a better job with the use of the Internet.

Schedule appointments and visitation without conflicts

Training Labs
Organize training sessions for Church members and Seniors on Computer Appreciation and Computer Use


Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our solution will change the way you run your organization by improving it tremendously. Significant enhancements will be noticed right from the beginning and its impact will be felt all through the organization. This is a good value investment for your Church.


PC Loan

 Laptop, Workstation....
When your PC or peripheral fails, we loan out a PC or peripheral to you minimizing downtime till your system is restored
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PC Maintenance

Tips to help you do Regular Health check on your PC and other maintenance
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Virus Update

Check for the latest virus update and protect your PC
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Choose Amelo

Our Engineers combine their years on the field to resolve your PC problem
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We support a wide range of technologies
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