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  Designing a Security Plan  

As the World Wide Web expands in exponential numbers doubling every 6 months, Internet security is one of the most neglected areas of concentration for Businesses.
In order to avoid loss of equipment and resources, businesses need to have a security plan in place. Amelo Inc has experience in evaluating your network infrastructure, designing and implementing a robust security plan. We will execute a comprehensive Security Audit of your existing Infrastructure with adequate consideration of your future plans.


Deep Defense for Your Small Business
If you have any computer connected to the Internet, then you are not immune to Internet threats. Even the smallest of businesses are vulnerable to Internet threats. Without a proper security structure in place, a single security breach could completely paralyze your business operations. Today’s threats can come from anywhere and they actually do come from everywhere. The network is vulnerable to intrusion through wired and wireless access. Malicious activity though could come from external sources, the majority of security compromises come through internal legitimate but unauthorized access. Identifying, mapping and securing the network perimeter is no longer adequate, it has become more complex to protect data and information networks. The advent of new technologies, devices and increasingly sophisticated applications have necessitated that a viable security solution will be multi-layered, deep, monitor-able and manageable. Amelo Inc provides this robust solution for your data and devices. Our solution is not a one-bullet solution; it is a kaleidoscope of blended solutions to meet the challenge and threat that the organization faces.
Today’s threats are becoming more prevalent and more advanced in both their methods of spreading and the damage they cause. The threats’ complexity in both attack and propagation, paralleled by the growing complexity of the small business network, mean that single security measures are no longer adequate.
Amelo Inc implements security measures on all vulnerable points on your system, including your servers and desktops, establishing a multi-layered, comprehensive deep defense.

Weakness of New Technology
Businesses have place more value on the Internet and E-mail. With new technology comes its adoption by businesses. Small businesses are also introducing wireless networks, instant messaging, intranet, online purchase, collaboration applications, remote access, ubiquitous computing and business-to-business applications. This improves productivity and makes good business sense but they are accompanied by a certain element of risk. Any new technology or device to your network infrastructure is a potential throughway for attack if sufficient effort is not made to secure the technology as it is introduced.

Myriad Threats
Multifaceted threats utilize multiple methods to discover and exploit network vulnerabilities. These threats self-replicate and self-propagate themselves. Threats such as CodeRed and Nimda are examples of blended threats and they took the worst characteristics of viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, and combined them with PC, server, network and Internet vulnerabilities in order to initiate, transmit, and spread. They will bring down your network and business to a halt and can also obstruct your partners business causing you additional liability.
These threats exploit the vulnerabilities of security technologies working independently from one another. This is why a robust multilayered network protection is important for your business.

Robust Multi-layered Deep Defense features by Amelo Inc
Amelo Inc’s Multi-layered approach to network security is a comprehensive look at your infrastructure and then creating multiple layers of protection around your computers, network, internet networks with emphasis on both static and dynamic data within your infrastructure. We will protect your applications and the data you exchange with your partners. We will modularize the security solution so that if any part is compromised, it does not impact the other units.


Our solution will include the following parts:

Physical Security
We will help setup a structure and procedure that will prevent unauthorized or malicious personnel, visitors and strangers from gaining access to your valuable information. Many businesses especially small businesses do not have any physical security solution in place and are not aware of the dangers individuals may cause to equipment and resources. This will prevent PCs, laptops, monitors and other devices from being carted away.
Infrastructure Security
We will secure your Infrastructure by incorporating within the infrastructure itself deterrent measures to prevent potential security breaches from external sources. Amelo Inc will evaluate your infrastructure, recommend changes, and implement changes to the infrastructure to prevent breaches. We will look at your current infrastructure and external access to computer resources from outside the network and a review of policies and procedures for infrastructure access.
Security Policy
We outline and create a security policy that will provide a guide for your information assets and infrastructure. All access rights to information resources will be outlined here.
Login Security
We require login credentials like username and password to verify the identity of the remote computer to the local computer, to verify the remote user to the network, and to verify that the user has privilege to use the desired network resource or information. This line of defense is critical and basic, it is used whenever a connection is initiated to the network and a service is requested.
Router Security
We employ routers and router security to prevent unwanted network traffic to dissimilar networks. Routers help offload the network routing tasks from the hosts systems on the Internet. Routing is implemented in hardware eliminating the overhead necessary to run an Operating System. Routers are efficient, the Internet uses routers throughout the world to route traffic to specific locations, and to prevent unwanted traffic from being routed. This form of security is considered the third line of defense for malicious or unwanted traffic in a network.
Firewall Security
It is crucial to have a Firewall. A network with Internet access that does not have a firewall is red meat for hackers. The use of firewall security to prevent attacks has become a necessity. Firewalls are classified as the fifth line of defense for intrusion. Security breaches of private networks are occurring more often and are causing million of dollars worth of damage each year.
Provides an important line of defense in protecting your network and all of its data by screening the information entering and leaving a network to help ensure that no unauthorized access occurs. Firewalls also help protect your computer against DoS attack, and also against unwittingly participating in one.
We use industry standard firewalls to keep your network secure. Products include Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server, MS Proxy Server v 2.0, Checkpoint Firewall.
Bastion Network Security
We setup networks with networks. When a network requires additional security and restriction within a network, we segment it with a router and will be assigned separate network address. Bastion networks isolate specific services to a network outside of the private network. They limit services placed on any machine in the bastion network and will not have general services available for users.
Filters prevent unwanted or invalid traffic from being transferred between the bastion network and the private network.
If someone breaches the bastion network, the router will act as a second firewall preventing the intruder from compromising your private network.


Data Encryption Security
We use Data Encryption security to scramble and unscrambling information between networks and between servers and clients. This level of security is the sixth line of defense from intrusion by presenting the information in an unreadable format to anyone who may trap the information while in transit with "man in the middle" attacks.
File System Security
Amelo Inc will help you secure your File System by implementing File System Security placed on a system to prevent the improper placement or removal of information on any file systems. Using native operating system features, access is restricted to specified area of the system for remotely connected users, changing file access permissions to help prevent the misuse of the local file system, monitoring file system access to determine any improper access, and virus protection to prevent invalid access on the file system.
Antivirus software
Provides protection from files that come into the network via email, Internet downloads, floppy disks, etc. The antivirus software is setup to automatically check for newly discovered threats, periodically scan systems for those threats, and also watch in real time while new files are downloaded from the Internet or detached from email messages to make sure nothing unsafe gets through.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
We incorporate VPN access into remote access communications to networks we design, implement and manage. VPN is vital if you or your employees are connecting to the office network remotely. VPNs secure remote connections using the Internet as a medium, allowing for safe communication across the Internet.
Security Patches
We leave your systems updated to the latest security patches both for the software and the application when we work on your system. We will configure your systems to auto update on the patches. These patches secure detected vulnerabilities.
Security Training
We will help you educate staff and network users on security best practices that will you’re your network secure. Your network infrastructure is only as secure as the most informed network user. Employees and network users can help maintain network security or help jeopardize it.

Access Restrictions
We configure restrictions and controls for individual network users and network resources. Either for Permanent or Temporary users, people will only have the access they need for the period they need it.


Enforce Password Policy
With a sophisticated password policy in place; your network will be even more secure with its implementation. Passwords will not be easily accessible to foreign elements. The policy ensures that users change passwords regularly and that they are not easily guessed.
Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
We scan your network perimeter or internal network. We spot critical vulnerabilities and provide a comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration-testing services to ensure your network infrastructure is secure. Our Engineers use hands on hacking techniques with proprietary and commercial tools, to reproduce real-world attack scenarios. We find new and obscure vulnerabilities, identify process and procedural issues, the sources of vulnerabilities, and prioritize findings based on your specific business risk.
Security Assessment by Amelo Inc
Amelo Inc’s Security assessments identify both strengths and weaknesses in your organization's IT security controls. When you are aware of the business exposures resulting from inadequate security controls, you can begin to implement improved controls and also establish the processes that are required to ensure that the controls are effective.
A Security Health Check will provide you with an overall picture of your security situation. Whether it is a comprehensive or segmented process that focuses on specific module, such as Process, Network, or Internet, one of the specialized Security Assessments will give you a clear understanding of your current status.
We will also test the security guards of your Internet network. An Ethical Hacking simulates an intrusion attempt and gives you a realistic assessment of how vulnerable your network is.
We will identify the root causes of these vulnerabilities and fix them for you. We eliminate the risk or greatly reduce them. We equip you with crucial information that you need to attack vulnerabilities at their sources.
Amelo Inc provides a comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration-testing services to ensure your network infrastructure is secure.
We will evaluate your current security status with a comprehensive audit. Itemize its effectiveness and weaknesses. Are controls in place for all business and network facets? We will examine these modules:
Hardware devices – Will include the device vulnerabilities, its configuration, position in the network, version of firmware running and known vulnerabilities

Operating Systems – What version of the operating system you have on your workstation, update security patches, install desktop or PC firewall, and identify the computer vulnerabilities.

Software Applications – Properly configure software applications you have on your PCs and Network, implement necessary security measures, and update all patches to the application

Databases – Ensure database security.

PC Security – Ensure security

Internet Security – Ensure Internet browser security

Human resource systems – We ensure that other staffs do not have access to PCs belonging to management staff and human resource systems.


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