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Whether you are an independent, a small to midsize business, or an international corporation, your business needs a web presence. Web sites have quickly become a necessity in any business's marketing portfolio.
Clients expect to be able to learn about your company via the web. And there's no better business card than a web site. Whether you are looking for a point-of-presence web site or a custom-built application for the Internet or an Intranet, we can help.
We'll work with you to determine your web site needs, be it a simple point-of-presence web site or a highly customized and functional web application.

One thing that is vital for all businesses to consider is making their presence felt on the Internet. If your competition has a website, they are reaching an audience that is unaware of you. Even if you think that a company like yours does not need a website think of the millions of people that regularly log on to the Internet to search for information, trade and do other forms of business.

  View Portfolio  
  View Portfolio  

Your website even if it is a single page would become a very important part of your marketing campaign. How many of these Internet users will be interested in your products or services?

A business without a website is a business that shoots itself in the foot. A website is so important to whatever business you do. A business without a website is like attending a business meeting without a business card, it is like having an office location without a company name or number on the building, it is like…. You need website.

You do not have to be big to have a website, if you are about to start your business, you need a website, if you are already in business, you most definitely need a website.

Your website does not have to occupy your budget. At Amelo Inc we make it possible for you to have a dignified web presence based on your companies current state and future goals. We have entry level Company web sites. We can design a website that has a single page highlighting your products and services plus your contact details from as little as $250.00. If you have something a little more ambitious in mind, then contact us for a quote. We will work with you to get the very befitting web presence for your company.

Since the advent of the Internet and the demand placed on Business to remain competitive, it is critical to make sure that your business will be represented properly and effectively on the Internet. Because of this, Amelo Inc is pleased to announce our Comprehensive Internet Solutions Package for various levels of exposure on the Internet. Each level includes our Basic Internet Solution Package.
Our design team will create a website for you. We will work with you on how you want it to look and feel. Websites packages are appropriately priced to encourage you. Our packages include basic website with domain searches, domain registration, web hosting, personalized E-mail accounts, web design…. Call us today and we can make your company known to the world.


Custom Web sites and services we provide includes: View Portfolio
Web Development
Many Internet developers subcontract parts of their projects to third parties, but Amelo Inc believes in an in-house associate approach to ensure quality and consistency throughout the Internet solution.
Our team works closely with clients, assisting them in all phases of a project from strategic planning to site operation and maintenance. Whether the task is a news release, bulletin board, order form, or animated galaxy, our talented Internet developers can perform such tasks as html coding, scripting, database development, and E-commerce programming for an Internet presence that brings the client's imagery to life.
Our team uses quality products such as MS FrontPage, Macromedia MX suite, icVerify, WebTrends, and many others to create your professional looking Internet presence. Once created, we can help you with content management by setting up your organization with our selected tool set.
Intranet Site Development
We will build a informative and collaborative website for your internal corporate use. Why would you put up information on notice boards within your organization even though you know no one reads it, why would you hand out Employee hand books when you know it is dumped in the trash, why would you print several pages of Human Resources information, why do you have to do the repeat photocopy of Fax cover sheets, Internal Memos, Company Letter head…All these documents and information can be easily put on your companies Intranet site and accessible 24 x 7 by all staff. This site will not be open to the general public. We can setup this Internet Infrastructure for you with all its accompanying security.


Site Search
State-of-the-art search functions, full text search feature will be incorporated into the search should you want it.
Website Visitor Registration
Gather visitor profile and contact information with opt-in visitor registration
Mass E-mail
Send mass E-mails to opt-in clients
Browser Website Update
Update products and images from any Internet browser
Website counter counts visitors to your site
Site Reports
Report on orders, catalog and track visitor. More than ever, organizations need to illustrate the return on their web site investments. Web analytics helps organizations meet their business objectives by providing actionable insight on web visitor behavior that can be leveraged to make smarter business decisions. Web analytics on your websites can now be utilized to make better business and technical decisions throughout the organization. Business professionals and web developers can better review the effectiveness of their web site design and online initiatives.
Amelo Inc will use different means to get traffic information on your websites so that you can better do analysis.
Secure site through VeriSign.


Website Packages by Amelo Inc
Different selections of the features listed have been combined to form three basic packages. They can be further combined to create a custom package to suit your business needs. The three popular packages are:
Entry Level Package
Single page website that includes your products and service, and contact information.
Basic Website Package
Amelo Inc is here to help your business grow within the dynamic opportunities available on the Internet. Our Basic Internet Solution Pack includes:
§ Internet Introduction
§ Domain Registration
§ Internet Technology Requirements
§ Market Analysis of Internet Competition
§ Internet Marketing Solutions
§ Legal Requirements
§ Quality Assurance
§ Offsite Maintenance and Expansion Technical Support
Premium Website Package
Our Premium Solutions Pack has been engineered to promote your company's visibility in the Internet. The Premium Internet Solution Pack includes:
§ The Basic Website Package
§ Internet Image Consulting
§ E-Mail Services
§ Internet and Application Training
§ Specialized Small Business Consulting
Comprehensive Website Package
Our Comprehensive Internet Solutions Pack has been designed to expand your Internet presence in a secure and interactive environment via the Internet. The Comprehensive Internet Solution Pack includes:
§ The Basic Website Package
§ External Application Interfaces
§ Electronic Commerce
§ Server Applications
§ Custom Application Development


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