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Since the advent of the Internet, it has become increasingly important to provide Internet services to the public at business locations due to it's integration with how people conduct their business and personal tasks.
Wireless networks have finally reached a point where a business can offer these services for a nominal installation cost to allow the customers to perform their business and personal tasks at any location that has a wireless network installed.
Our solutions include standalone 802.11b or g networks, firewall protection, DHCP management, network printing, FAX, copying, handheld PDA rentals, installation CDs, and marketing material.
Amelo Inc offers solutions for both wired and wireless networks. Our wireless and LAN solutions include:
§ Access Point Installations
§ Wireless Network Security
§ IP Address Management
§ Firewall protection
§ 802.11b and/or 802.11g Wireless network
§ Network printing
§ On-Site Training

  Typical Small Business Locations for Wireless Networks:  

Increasingly, more homes are outfitted with high speed Internet access through broadband cable and DSL. A lot more people are also working from home with multiple PCs and laptops in a typical household. It has become prudent to share the broadband access with all PCs while allowing for mobility within the house and in close proximity outside the house. We install a wireless access point to enable ubiquitous Internet access within the home office.
Apartment Complex
It is now typical to offer Wireless Internet Access feature with your apartments for rent. This serves as a renter’s primary Internet access or as a backup. We will set up Wireless Network and let you decide how to offer it to your renters. You can bundle it as a package with the apartment or offer it as a Premium service.
Restaurants and Bars Solutions
Allow your customers to connect to the Internet from within your business to browse, read email, or chat with other potential customers. This will encourage your customers to visit your office a lot more, it will also attract new customers and both groups will end up doing more business with you.
Hospitality Solutions
Allow your guests and customers to access the Internet from different parts of your facility such as conference rooms, lobbies, lounges, recreation and personal rooms without wiring your existing establishment for CAT 5 or CAT 6 network access. This gives your facility a competitive edge in attracting conferences and guests.


Small Business Solutions
Allow your staff to efficiently connect to your small business locations. Our solutions include LAN and 802.11b or g Wireless network design, Mobility planning and setup, firewall protection, DHCP management, network printing, and training for your business
Amelo Inc uses only Quality Equipment
Protect your wireless network installation by using quality equipment. Amelo Inc uses only wireless equipment compliant with Wi-Fi certification and approved for use from the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA) for wireless networks. Products we use include:
Intel ® Pro/Wireless LAN products (802.11b and g)
Cisco Aironet Wireless products
Linksys Wireless products
SONICWALL firewall products
NETGEAR LAN products


Small Business Networks
Amelo Inc offers complete networking solutions for the Small Business. We can design, implement, and explain any of the network designs discussed here (Cable, Dial-up, DSL or Satellite) or create a custom network typology, which could include such things as a wireless network.
Business Network Design
Most companies today rely on some type of network. This maybe a single computer used by one or two users, to several hundred computers. These tools are the single most important item of use in any company. Every single PC or Server that you deploy within your company is there to enable company employees to make money for the business. It maybe a word processor document detailing a quote for a major project or even an email from a new customer requesting information on your services. These tools, directly or indirectly, should be making you money and adding to your revenue.
This is an important factor to take into account when designing an information structure for a business, big or small. Amelo Inc has the expertise and technical knowledge in several different market sectors, and because of this we can put together a package that provides the tools you need to have a very effective and functional network. Our solution will include all network core modules such as E-mail, Web server, Intranet, Application servers and Workstations. Our solution and proposal is with a lot of emphasis on value for money and return on investments.
Network Redundancy
Amelo Inc incorporates redundancy into our network design. We work to eliminate single point of failures within the network. We recommend standby units and alternative routes of connectivity. For broadband users, we have a failover dialup access so that should you lose your broadband access, you are not totally cut off. Your mails and internet traffic are rerouted.
Remote Access Connectivity
Amelo Inc will set up your network so that you can access the network from any remote location that has an Internet access. Our VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution uses industry recognized VPN like Checkpoint VPN, Microsoft VPN, Cisco VPN to enable you to securely transfer data between your PC and your network as if you were physically within your office or home network. Let Amelo Inc improve your productivity by setting up your network.
Network Health Checks
Does your network feel slow, do you feel you are wading through mud just to type an email or browse the web, is there doubt in your mind that when you hit the send key your mail will never get to its destination? This is just an example how some networks can perform without the correct maintenance. Many problems can be fixed very quickly and only require the intervention of a competent engineer to reinvigorate a failing network. We have a fixed cost scheme where we will come into your company, finding the network problems you are experiencing and if possible fix them on the same day. If we discover a serious network issue then we will outline a plan with costing to rectify the issues.
See our Products section to get an idea of our charges for a network health check.
Network Performance
You work hard to make your business process efficient and productive, but for some reason, your network is not performing as well as you expected. Amelo Inc can assist you by evaluating your network performance, identify bottlenecks and recommend solutions to your network problems.
Network Security
With all direct Internet connections (Cable, DSL or Satellite), there is a very high probability that information on your private network could be tampered with from the Internet. Amelo Inc recommends that any high-speed connection to the Internet use a firewall and virus protection (on every computer) on your network. Part of our networking service is to ensure that our clients have a solid network design and will help your business understand these issues.
Backup and Recovery
Integrate a comprehensive backup plan that is reliable, this is a staple of our Network design and makes adequate provision for recovery from a disaster.
Network Maintenance Contract
How many times have you needed some information on the network but were unable to retrieve it because of network problems?
Amelo Inc can establish a maintenance contract with your business to ensure a timely fix to your problem or you can use Amelo Inc on an hourly rate and use our services as needed.


Our support program includes:
Amelo Inc provides a single point of contact for our clients.
We maintain proper and updated documentation to allow for easy review of work history and problem resolution.
A replacement engineer is cross-trained on the account to insure consistent service.
A two hour response, or less, is guaranteed for emergency calls during business hours.
Telephone and remote support is available for quick, & less expensive, fixes.
Our clients have direct access to degreed, certified engineers.
Our Network Design Process
You are hiring an I.T. department, not just an Engineer. Our comprehensive network design process provides unsurpassed reliability, scalability and mobility. Our design capitalizes on our multi-platform capabilities and offers the best of emerging, yet proven, technologies to help our clients’ gain the competitive edge with their IT systems.
Determine Requirements:
We place a premium value on what you want. We meet with you to:
§ Determine what is not currently working, the main complaints about their current systems
§ Obtain the technical wish list, what additional capabilities would the client like to see in their environment: remote access, server-based computing, a more stable environment, greater redundancy...
§ Determine the internal and external security priorities
§ Determine the budget
§ And finally, prioritizing the wish list given the budget
§ Present the best technical choices currently available with room for growth
Amelo Inc presents a proposal that defines the solution and the cost of each component, along with any additional recommendations. Our labor is either fixed price or time & materials, depending on our client's preference.
Implementing the Solution:
Amelo Inc's implementation includes purchasing and pre-testing the equipment, installing and configuring the software, and finally delivering the hardware. On the old server, our engineers backup all data before transferring the data to the new server. The installation oftentimes requires configuring each workstation, final testing each product and training the appropriate person on any procedures, such as backing up the data.
We document the installation process with timelines.
We then train the staff, users and managers of the network.


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